Athletics Facility Use for U of M Students
From sporting events and competitions to banquets, facilities on Michigan's Stephen M. Ross Athletic Campus can provide a unique setting for student events. This site is intended to provide information for student organizations interested in holding events in Athletics facilities. Specific questions should be directed to the listed contact for each facility on the "Rental Spaces" pages. Go Blue!

For more information about student organizations and relevant policies, guidelines, etc., please visit the Guidebook for Student Organizations on the Center for Campus Involvement website.


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Availability of Athletics Facilities
Availability of Athletics Facilities

All Athletics facilities listed are available on a first come, first served basis once the following are scheduled:

1. Intercollegiate athletic practices and competitions.

      PLEASE NOTE that in some cases, these schedules may not be finalized until approximately 2 months prior to the start of the sports seasons.

2. Recreational Sports programs

      In most athletic facilities, the Department of Recreational Sports has second priority and its associated needs and events will be scheduled before rentals.

Requests for the use of Athletics facilities should be made as early as possible, but no less than 30 days prior to event date to allow adequate time for proper planning. More lead time may be required depending on the requested facility as well as the scope, size, and type of event.

Student Organization
Student Organization Requirements

Only recognized student organizations, sponsored or voluntary, with valid University accounts (i.e. shortcodes) are eligible to hold events in Athletics facilities. Some events (i.e., concerts, dance/party events, etc.), at the discretion of Athletics, may require the student group to be a Sponsored Student Organization in order to move forward with Athletics facility use. Such factors as the size, scope, and type of event will be considered when making this determination.


Any group holding an event in any Athletics facility is required to provide proof of insurance as specified in the Facility Use Contract. Sponsored Student Organizations are covered under the University’s self-insurance, while Voluntary Student Organizations are not and would therefore need to secure their own insurance policy. Please see the insurance policy or contact the Center for Campus Involvement or Risk Management for more information.

The Process
Process For Inquiring/Requesting Use/Booking Of An Athletics Facility

1. Fill out and submit the appropriate Facility Rental Request Form. Please note that the individual completing this form must be an Authorized Signer of a recognized student organization. Any specific questions should be directed to the appropriate contact listed for each facility.


2. Upon receipt of the completed Facility Rental Request Form, you will be contacted to further discuss the proposed event, anticipated costs, etc.


3. Once the event is ready to be booked, a Facility Use Contract will be drawn up and emailed to the Authorized Signer. The contract should be signed and returned, along with deposit and proof of insurance (when applicable) and any necessary addendums, within 15 days of the contract date in order to consider the event approved and final.


4. Please note that, as indicated on the Facility Use Contract, some of the identified fees (staffing, cleaning, etc.) are ESTIMATES ONLY, and actual totals will be billed upon final invoicing after the conclusion of the event.

Dance/Party Policy
Dance/Party Policy

Athletics has adopted similar policies and guidelines for dances/parties held in their facilities as those that take place at the University Unions facilities as outlined on the Campus Involvement site. Dance/party events are defined as those with an ending time after 11:00pm that use music and take place in an open area (without seating) for more than 125 active attendees. In order to ensure these are safe and successful events on the Athletics campus, they may require additional attention, planning, and coordination with other University groups.  Please contact the appropriate individual listed for each facility if you believe your event may meet the criteria of a dance/party event.